where we were and what we had done to save Kashmir`s people lives ?

2016-07-21 12:07:41 | Asif Anwar
where we were and what we had done to save Kashmir`s people lives ?


An E mail Letter to UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki- Moon. I urge everybody to send E mail to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon at his E mail address.
This is the time to show solidarity with people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.
Dear UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon,
UNO represent the whole world for peace. UNO through its different forums like Security council or General Assembly plays vital role to end the violence in any country, region or part of the world. All the nations of the world have equal right to live their life with freedom and peace. Time to time we see the violation of this basic human rights. Sometimes nations or countries are involved to deprive people from their basic rights of freedom and peaceful life. UN always condemn those forces, authorities and do her best to end that brutal violence of basic right by different sources either diplomatically or by using force ( army taking part from different countries ) and even sometime deployed joint army as peace force in those part of the world.
In Indian occupied Valley of Kashmir, violence of basic human right has been ongoing issue since 1947.
There is clear resolutions of UNO in favour of the people of Indian occupied Kashmir but those resolutions always have been violated by Indian Government. Mr. Secretary General, you must be aware through media about brutal killing of innocent, unarmed children, youngster, women and elderly people of Kashmir by Indian forces. 
Regardless of religion and faith, everybody knows that everybody gets one life in this mortal world. So everybody must get chance to live happy life with full freedom. We condemn killing, torture of anybody anywhere in the world. Then why we don't raise our voice against Indian forces of their brutality and killing of innocent and unarmed civilians of Indian Occupied Kashmir. 
UNO must move forward to stop Indian government brutal action against the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Let the Kashmiri people who have been survived or saved their lives so far from cruel killing and torture of Indian forces, to feel that they are not left alone by the rest of the world at this crucial time. 
UNO must act immediately to bring this violence to end and send UN observers and peace force in the Indian occupied Kashmir region.
Finally, I will quote your statement
This is the time to massively reinforce UN action. When a Government cannot or will not protect its people, and when warring parties seem more intent on enriching and empowering themselves at the expense of their people, the international community has a responsibility to act. 
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, in remarks to media on situation in South Sudan, 11 July 2016.
Then why now we leave the people of Indian occupied Kashmir alone to die at the hands of brutal and cruel Indian forces. History will question us individually and collectively , as a person, community, nation, country and UNO that when the innocent people of Kashmir blood was 
everywhere on the roads of Indian occupied Kashmir where we were and what we had done to save their lives ?
with regards
Asif Anwar




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where we were and what we had done to save Kashmir`s people lives ?

An E mail Letter to UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki- Moon. I urge everybody to send E mail to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon at his E mail address. bkm@un.org This... More

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