Supreme Court dismisses PM Son Hussain`s appeal to halt video recording: Pakistan

2017-06-21 03:21:58 | Latest Pakistani Muslim News
Supreme Court dismisses PM Son Hussain`s appeal to halt video recording: Pakistan
Hussain Nawaz After appearing in JIT


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on weekday discharged the plea of Hussain Nawaz, seeking directives to the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to refrain from secret writing videos throughout the proceedings of the probe of the PanamaLeaks case.

Hussain Nawaz, the elder son of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, had filed a petition within the Supreme Court, requesting for issuance AN order directive the JIT to prevent the video of the proceedings regarding examination and interrogation of witnesses. He had conjointly prayed the apex court to represent AN freelance commission of a retired or sitting decide of this court to discuss the circumstances resulting in the leaked photograph.

On Tuesday, a three-member special implementation bench of the PanamaLeaks finding of fact, headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, proclaimed its reserved finding of fact, dismissing the plea of Hussain Nawaz and dominated that audio or video can't be admitted into proof for the proof of such statement until the law isamended. The court dominated that it had been amended in Republic of India ANd different countries however its use to facilitate recording of such statements can't be discouraged on the idea of therefore donnish an interpretation of sections 161 and 162 of the CrPC.

“In the age of laptop wherever virtually everything is communicated and even business of each sort is transacted on-line, stress on the shape of doing a issue because it wont to be worn out 1898 would quantity to swing at naught the dynamics of scientific and technological advancements that haven't solely liberated man from exhausting labour however conjointly created the items easier,” the court discovered.

“In read of what has been mentioned, we have a tendency to don’t feel persuaded to countenance the request therefore created,” the court ruled.The court order says the other prayer of the applicant cannot be attended to at this stage as the response of the Attorney General for Pakistan has not been received so far viz-a-viz the inquiry report as to the leaked photograph. The court directed the attorney general to file a concise statement on information leak by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) after Eid. The court also observed that no commission was required to probe the PhotoLeak.

At the outset of hearing, Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan said the JIT has conducted the inquiry and identified the person. “We wanted that you give your response,” Justice Ejaz Afzal asked Attorney General Ashter Ausaf.

“It is very strange that the JIT has not mentioned the person against whom action was taken and removed from the JIT,” the AG replied.Justice Ejaz Afzal said that they have considered the entire signature issue, adding that only the written statement would be produced and not the video recording unless the law was changed. He said that no part of the judicial proceeding could be kept secret. The court said the JIT constituted in view of the PanamaLeaks judgment was proceeding under Section 172 of CrPC and it is their privilege. The court made it clear to the attorney general that if something comes to its notice, then it will ask him, therefore, reply should come from the office of the attorney general, not through the media.

Justice Ijazul Ahsen said the government departments prefer to hold press conferences instead of submitting their responses in court. He said the court gave its verdict but a newspaper had already published it. He inquired from the AG as to whether he had gone through newspapers? “Yesterday, the judgment was rendered which has to be announced today.”

Ashtar Ausaf said it had happened in the past. “The judgments were published before the announcement. Unfortunately, we have not grown up,” he said. Justice Ejaz Afzal said let them grow up but when the court takes action against them, then they start groaning.

Justice tribal sheik Azmat discovered that the government gets favourable articles written in newspapers.“We have already given parameters thence articles showing in print cannot modification our mind,” Justice Ejaz Afzal remarked, adding that the media write something what they require and write articles. “Let them return underneath the sun.”

“You aren't innocent, perceive and understand everything on World Health Organization offer news to the media,” Justice Azmat Saeed told the atomic number 47. The AG, however, replied that the opposite facet was conjointly not innocent.

Justice Azmat Saeed any aforesaid that if one was to travel by the day’s newspapers, it might seem that the professional general’s services were now not needed.“You have place ME to the taxing task,” Justice Ijazul Ahsen aforesaid, adding that this was AN taxing case. He asked the atomic number 47 to inform the unauthorized  spokespersons to weigh their words. Ashtar Ausaf aforesaid it ought to be for everybody and therefore the different facet too.

Meanwhile, the court directed the atomic number 47 to submit his reply once Eid. Justice Azmat Saeed aforesaid mental health ought to prevail and asked Ashtar Ausaf that his reply shouldn't return to the court through the media and it shouldn't be printed before coming back to the court.Later, the court dominated that the case would be haunted for any proceedings once Eid.


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