Our sole religion is Islam, See beyond sects: Turkish president

2015-04-13 04:13:09 | Al Muslim News
Our sole religion is Islam, See beyond sects: Turkish president


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan urged for seeing beyond sectarian differences among Muslim countries, saying that the Muslim world's sole religion is Islam.
"We do not have such a religion as Sunnism or Shism; our sole religion is Islam," said Erdogan addressing people that gathered to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in Istanbul.
Humanity had been going through a period in which oppression, massacre, terror, torture and other acts banned and criticized by Prophet Muhammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) are taking place "every day, every moment" across the world, Erdogan said.
"Islamophobia, increasingly spreading in the West, is turning into a total attack aimed at our holy book Quran and the Prophet," he said.
Erdogan also stated the sectarianism triggered "critical" issues in the Islamic world, which he said was in trouble with those who “deem their sects their religion.â€
Touching on damage dealt to the Muslims world by terrorist organizations, Erdogan cited ISIL and said such groups did nothing other than bring a "negative" impression on Islam.
"We also witness with sorrow that western societies, experiencing a serious faith crisis, have entered a very wrong path while seeking a way out (of terrorism) by targeting Islam and Muslims," he added.


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