Muslim Kashmir Leader arrested for waving Pakistani flag in Srinagar

2015-04-17 11:07:20 | Al Muslim News
Muslim Kashmir Leader  arrested for waving Pakistani flag in Srinagar


Indian police have arrested a Kashmiri pro-independence leader Masarat Alam for raising pro-Pakistani slogans and waving a Pakistani flag in Srinagar on Friday.
Only a month following his release from more than four years of imprisonment, Masarat Alam was arrested for the alleged waving of a Pakistani flag at a rally in Indian-occupied Kashmir.
Despite the arrest, pro-independence leader remained firm and said that the scheduled rally in Tral against the death of a youth killed by the Indian Army will continue as planned. “We’ve been threatened of consequences. This is not something new for us,†Alam said. “Indian treatment has not changed one bit in the past 68 years. This is what they do to people calling for our right to freedom.â€
Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani is also under house arrest. Both the Hurriyat leaders were scheduled to hold a rally in Tral area of the occupied Kashmir.
Earlier, Masarat Alam waved the Pakistan flags to greet Geelani at a rally in Srinagar on Wednesday. During the rally, Alam, released from jail in March, had praised Pakistan and called for Independence.
Pakistan foreign office spokes person strongly condemned the arrest of Kashmir leaders, she said its against the freedom of speech. Pakistan will continue its moral and diplomatic support to suppressed Kashmiries.


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