Most Australian Army rations now halal and benefits of halal food

2016-02-19 10:51:27 | Muzamil A.
Most Australian Army rations now halal and benefits of halal food
Showing where cut will be made for slaughter


ONE third of combat rations ­offered to all Aussie troops now has to be halal-certified. The Australian Defence Force having about 100 Muslims.

The orders that four of the 12 battle meal menu options offered to soldiers need to be halal were approved by the Deputy Chief of Army Major General Rick B.

Under the new changes, ration packs should contain kosher and vegetarian meals also.

A document obtained by a new anti-Islamic political party, the Australian Liberty Alliance, describes how the combat ration packs should include a diversity of food and drink to ensure “menu fatigue” is minimized.

 The health benifits of eating halal food:

 Halal is something that a Muslim is permitted to engage in like eat, drink, use, behavior, speech, dress, conduct, and manner etc. The word halal is derived from the Arabic verb ‘Halla,’ which means to be or become ‘lawful, legal, legitimate, permissible, allowed or unforbidden’. Halal means that Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)  allowed to be done in a lawful manner. Food is halal if it does not contain or come into contact with anything regarded as filth i.e. carrion, alcohol, pork, blood, feces, and urine. It must also be prepared, processed, or manufactured using equipment untainted by anything unclean.

Also there are some special ways to slaughter animals and few animals and birds are described in Islam as “not halal”. These includes pork and all its products, animals which are improperly slaughtered, alcoholic drinks including all forms of intoxicants, carnivorous animals, birds of prey, and any food contaminated with any of these products.

HALAL V CORPORATE FOOD: Halal food has a very low rate of incidences of food poisoning and contamination in contrast to food sold in major supermarkets and fast food chains, which often contains e-coli poisoning or some other life threatening poisons, bacteria, and substances due to unclean processing and packaging procedures, chemical additives, pesticides, and hormones.

HALAL In terms of meat and poultry, firstly, the animal must be halal. Secondly, the animal must be slaughtered after pronouncing the name of Allah facing the direction of the Qiblah. The animal must be slaughtered by a sane Muslim with a sharp knife with which the Muslim uses to sever the jugular veins, carotid arteries, trachea, esophagus in one swift action and the blood must be drained out completely. This is a quick, painless, and humane method. The spine must not be snapped and dismemberment must not occur until the animal is completely deceased.

 The animal must show some sign of movement after being slaughtered to show that the animal was alive before being slaughtered.

In Islam, the halal animal should be properly slaughtered and not dipped in boiling water or killed by electric shocks. This is due to the fact that when an animal is killed through electric shock, all of the animal’s blood remains the animal’s body. Electric shock affects the central nervous system of the animal and causes injury to the medulla oblongata in the brain, which controls blood circulation and respiration. It is for this reason that the blood does not completely drain from a stunned animal. The blood remaining in the body is a source of fermentation and destroys the halal meat quality. This induces bacteria to grow easily in the meat. The Islamic mode of slaughter tends to reduce the suffering of the animal and produces cleaner and healthier meat.

The Islamic method of slaughtering is based on two important principles: first Tasmiyah and second is Tazzkiyah. Tassmiyah refers to invoking the name of “Allah” when slaughtering so as to ask His permission while Tazzkiyah means purification and the cleaning the meat of blood through slaughter.

Islamic slaughtering way is beneficial to human health in that the blood completely drains from the carcass, producing healthier and cleaner meat free from excessive microbial growth. Also the meat lacks fear toxins, which cause fear and anxiety in humans, as the slaughter is swift, quick, all-encompassing, and as painless as possible. The halal process produces cleaner, more tender, and tastier meat.

Why pork is not halal scientific reason: Swine serves as a vector for pathogenic worms to enter the human body. Infection by Trichinella spirals and Taenia sodium are not uncommon. The fatty acid composition of pork fat has been proved by modern science, is incompatible with the human fat and biochemical systems.

Why alcohol is forbidden in Islam, scientific reason:  Intoxicants are considered harmful for the nervous system, affecting human senses and the judgment. In many cases, they lead to social and family problems and even loss of life.

We can conclude that the food production and processing methods found in the Bible, Torah, and Qur’an are more beneficial for human health.



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