Israeli Mercenaries Awarded Contract for Apartheid Wall . Game on against Muslims

2015-09-01 03:30:35 | Nallein @Almuslim News
Israeli Mercenaries Awarded Contract for Apartheid Wall . Game on against Muslims
a piece of wall Israel forcefully building on land on Palestine


Israeli companies are using the lesson they lead occupying Gaza to militarize the US border against native Americans.. Native American have drawn parallels between the occupation of Native Americans by US and Israel occupation of Palestine. Through course of 500 year Europeans and Ashkenazi Jews have been able to racially exterminate over 100 million Native American, and confine them to concentration camps. But Israelis and US are not so lucky. Israel has faced resistance in past 60 years of Jewish occupation of Palestine which is internationally recognized and supported by majority of world including Native Americans and is on path of victory against Israel and US, the same can be said for Native Americans and their fight against US and Israel.

Israel and their defense company Elbit won 145 million dollar contract from US department of Homeland security to provide a Apartheid wall for US against Native American that migrate from Mexico and other parts of south American, the Apartheid wall will futher divide the native Americans on each side of border. The purpose border wall will be built on Thono Odham tribel land in Arizona. Elbit proposal includes 300 radar towers along the border , supplemented with snappers that can take out native American half mile away, cameras, long range reconnaissance observation system developed by Elbit system which can spot people 9 miles away. The Israel program includes equipping the US border agents with weapons, help provide border security for checkpoints, patrols and landmines on border. After Elbit is deployed in Arizona, the plain will be rolled out in segments to other border areas.

This isn’t Israel first bid hat US has awarded Israel. The Arizona border was also site of 2004 contract were Elbit provided Hermes, drones, weapons and training to American border agents that was used to kill Native Americans. On Texas border mass grave of 6000 Native Americans was found, , the graves contain mostly the bodies of Mexicans that was killed by US and Israel Elbit border agents.

Israel war against native Americans in rooted in the nation of Israel Zionist raciest messianic views. The Zionist messianic jews have had their sights set on Native American as part of greater Israel, one of the first people to suggest the Native Americans was a messianic Jewish rabbi Manasseh ben Israel who wrote book Hope for Israel in 1650, in it he mentions hat the discovery of Native Americans was a sign of herlding a Jewish messanic and greater Israel. Nifli Bennt, the leader of Jewish Home Party, a ultra far right religious Zioniest party makes no secret of his plain for greater Israel. Nftli design for greater Israel is Zioniest expansion doctrine to seize all lands from shore of Euphotes to banks of nile and this will include New ISRAEL of Native Ameircans Land. 

Us and Israel are two tongues of same snake. Never happy with what they have, they take from others. Its now time for Native Ameircans and middle east to join together as brothers and sisters against Israel and US Apartheids. Not to be out done Native have created their own organization founded by Nallein Satana AlJilwah called the Native Ameircan and Middle east Political Action, we have filed complant against Israel, Elbit, and US at UN


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