British Muslim police: A bridge between different cultures

2015-03-26 05:38:20 | Al Muslim News
British Muslim police: A bridge between different cultures


While Islamophobia appears to be growing in Western countries, Islam and its practitioners has become an asset to the UK, as the NAMP was established for solidarity among Muslim police officers
The Muslim community is increasing in the U.K. Particularly in London; one can see Muslims in many different sectors. Muslims undoubtedly have become an important asset to British culture. British Muslim police officers are living proof of this. Launched in July 2007, the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) works day and night for the safety of their country. NAMP is estimated to have over 2,000 members across the United Kingdom. NAMP President
Asif Sadiq, NAMP President gave exclusive statements about the relationship between the police service and the Muslim community, Daily Sabah News reported.
Sadiq came to U.K. from Kenya at the age of 6 years. He practices his profession, which he says is his passion, not in his native country, but in London. Sadiq started his career as a police officer, but is now the head of NAMP.
NAMP was formed to look after and assist Muslim officials within the police force. We promote understanding and awareness of Islam within the police force and provide advice about cultural issues and religious issues. We work with Muslim communities where we might be better able to engage. NAMP plays an important role in bridging the gap between the police and the Muslim community and furthering the work of the police with all communities in the U.K. We help to tackle Islamophobia and assist with countering terrorism.
Muslims have the perception that police officers are racist and they have the idea that if they join the police force they will be treated differently. I have been on the force for more than 10 years and I can say that it is not any different than what you would face in the private sector. Again there is another perception that if you join the police force you will be asked to spy on your community. This is absolutely out of the question.
Islamophobia has unfortunately gone up. It is probably worse online. You get a lot of hatred online. However, it does not mean that we are not suffering physical abuse even though the vast majority of Muslims are law abiding citizens. Unfortunately, it still exists. From a police perspective, we are better at dealing with it now. We are trying to educate more, but there is a key point. The Muslim community needs to come forward and report Islamophobic actions to the police. It does not matter how small or how irrelevant it is. Even in the tiniest incident they need to come and report to us so we can build a picture. We can never know what attacks are taking place. If we do not know, we cannot address it. If they report it, we can know that it is becoming a bigger problem. This is one thing, and on the other hand, let me give you an example to explain how I feel about Islamophobia. A Muslim officer died to protect and save his country in the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France. For me it has a deeper meaning because I am a Muslim and I am also on a police force. We try to protect all communities, we do not discriminate. The world needs to understand that terrorism is not only ours, but everybody's responsibility..

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