Bomb Muslim Women, Children or Lose to ISIL: Danish MP

2015-11-20 04:21:48 | Al Muslim News
Bomb Muslim Women, Children or Lose to ISIL: Danish MP
Smoke rises from the Syrian city of Kobani, following an air bombing against ISIL by the US-led coalition.


Soren Espersen, a senior Danish People’s Party spokesman who is also head of the Danish parliament's Foreign Policy Committee, said that the US-led military campaign against ISIL, which Denmark is participating in, should focus on bombing civilian targets, in particular women and children.

Speaking two days after ISIL claimed credit for the Paris terrorist attacks, Espersen said the West is carrying out its campaign like “gentlemen” but needs to get more aggressive if it is ever to win the fight against ISIL.

“We aren’t bombing spots where there are civilians, but we need to start doing so. ISIL hides behind women and children in villages and towns and they know that we are gentlemen won’t bomb them. That needs to end,” he told TV2.

When asked if that meant he thought the West should bomb women and children, Espersen said “yes, of course”.

“We need to when that’s where the ISIL fighters are. Those women are also to a large extent part of the system. We can no longer have a situation in which ISIL operates completely freely knowing full well that they won’t be bombed,” he said.

“We need to develop the war into a real war, otherwise we will lose,” Espersen added.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, a spokesman for the ruling Venstre party, said that it would not support striking civilian targets.

“We won’t bomb women and children. We aren’t barbarians,” he told TV2.


Source: World Bulletin


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