Anti terrorism Ad campaign launched by Canadian Muslims

2015-03-11 10:03:43 | Al Muslim News
Anti terrorism Ad campaign launched by Canadian Muslims


An Islamic group has launched an ad-campaign in Toronto aimed support to their country against radicals and offering the true image of their religion. The new ad campaign launched against growing tide of anti Muslim sentiment, which was initiated by ‘Muslims against terrorism’ organization, represents an outspoken voice in Toronto’s Muslim community. The campaign was launched to counteract negative stories in the press about Islam and represent Muslims in Canada are peaceful people. “Any Muslim who hurts Canada or a Canadian is an enemy of Islam,” states the poster posted on the wall of the southbound platform of the Dundas subway station. The campaign produced large posters, one advertisement, posted on a Canadian subway platform states: “Any Muslim who hurts Canada or a Canadian is an enemy of Islam.” “We, the Muslims of Canada, want you the Canadian to know that we will watch your back. We will do whatever it takes to guarantee your safety.” “We’re here to protect. It is no pleasure to the Muslim community when a Canadian is hurt.” More than 1 million Muslims in Canada comprise 3.2% of Canada's 32.8 million populations..

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