Al-Azhar Scholar rejects call for women to remove their Hijab

2015-04-21 08:35:01 | Al Muslim News
Al-Azhar Scholar rejects call for women to remove their Hijab


A senior Scholar at Al-Azhar, Egypt’s highest Sunni Islamic institution took a swipe at a recent call for Muslim women to take off their veil, stressing that the head cover is a religious must for female Muslims once they reach puberty. â€
Abbas Shouman, deputy to Egypt's Grand Imam, made the his statement, after an Egyption writher Cherif Choubachy recently called on his social network page for inciting veiled women to take off their headscarves at a rally he proposed to be held in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in early May 2015.
Choubachy false claims that the headscarf, which is common religious practice in Muslims woman, re-appeared in Egypt in the early 1970s after it had all but disappeared for 50 years, following rhetoric at the time that Egypt had lost the 1967 war against Israel because people had strayed from Islamic teachings.
“It’s unacceptable for anyone to ask a woman to quit praying, fasting,†or any other Islamic tenet, Al-Azhar Scholar said, calling Choubachy's comments "an encroachment on women's freedoms".


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